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Re: tcp connection

At 12:24 AM 6/17/00 -0500, Kain wrote:
>What I think you're thinking of is just IP.  You probably haven't been seeing 

Definately not IP, IP just gets your packets there and back.

>Now, if you actually mean "what octets mean and do", those are actually
defined higher than TCP, and are laid out in the specs for those respective

What I meant by that was what "octets mean and do" in terms of establishing
and maintaining the connection.  Like, what octets are exchanged that tell
each machine, "yes the connection is established".  That protocol has a name.

>Telnet Protocol: RFC 854/855
>FTP:	RFC 959
>TFTP:	RFC 1350
>POP3:	RFC 1939
>HTTP/1.1:	RFC 2068

Right, those are the high level protocols.  But they all establish the same
type of connection.  Maybe if I explained how this came about.  I was
explaining to a friend how you can telnet to any network service and use
that service.  Like, you can telnet to a web server on port 80, manually
type the get commands and get the document.  I said that this was because
they all use the same connection type.  But I don't know what the name of
that connection type is.  Maybe it's just a "TCP connection", does what I'm
talking about have an RFC?  There's no way I'm reading through all 2500
RFC's. :)

>At 11:14 AM 6/18/00 +1200, brett@earthlight.co.nz wrote:
>>LCP?  Link control protocol

I think that has to do with PPP.

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