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Re: PPP dial-up server w/ multiple eth adapters: "operation not permitted"

On Tue, 23 May 2000 09:12:04 -0200 (GMT+2), Kasparavicius Andrius wrote:

>> I use mgetty which properly transfers the call to pppd. The clients
>> gets its 
>> correct IP address, but it can't ping the p-t-p address, nor can I ping
>> the 
>> client from the server. If I try to do so I get a "operation not
>> permitted."
> I think u need to check ipchains permissions. See ppp.up ppp.down..

I guess you mean ip-up (ip-up.d/*) resp. ip-down (ip-down.d/*)?

Thanks for suggesting this, but I don't think this is the reason.

There aren't any rules that pertain to ppp0. Also, the client machine that 
dials in gets an IP address from out of the LAN. The LAN machines have 
unrestricted access to each other and thru the internal interfaces of the 

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