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Re: mail server w/ 65000++ users

>> >Use qmail and vpopmail. They are both packaged to debian, so there should
>> >not be much of a problem for it. 
>> Qmail isn't a regular package because it's got licence issues.
>It is in debian in source package form, it can be built with one command,
>so it is not a real problem I think.

It just makes things more difficult.

>> For a serious server system it will rapidly become annoying for the
>> administrator because it just won't do the things you want.
>> Try spam blocking (both ORBs and header filtering) and address re-writing for
>> two things that Qmail falls down on.
>Address rewriting: look at the mess822 package on DJB's homepage, for one.
>For address rewriting in messages originating on the qmail host, it is
>even easier than that. You just need to wrap qmail-inject. I have done it
>and it is not that hard to do.

Much easier in Postfix where the functionality is built in.

>> I doubt that Qmail is any more secure than Postfix.  I doubt that it is any
>> faster.
>It can be said the other way round as well. I don't personally know


>postfix, but I don't think it would be faster than qmail. About security:
>there is one thing with postfix: it is under current development, ergo it
>always can contain newly introduced security holes. Of course that also

You can put the package on hold so that dselect won't upgrade it...

>means fast error fixes, however. Qmail is unfortunately not under visible
>development, no one knows what DJB does currently with qmail.
>The licencing is the biggest drawback in qmail I think.


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