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Re: grepping in ps output

Hi ,

Just use eax with =out the "-" for linux.

example for named

 ps eax | grep named | sed -e 's/^  *//' -e 's/ .*//'


At 12:18 AM 4/29/00 +0200, Paul van Empelen wrote:
>I am working on a bourne script that can restart services if they hang.
>If the process does not respond, I want to kill and restart it, but I 
>haven't found a good way to locate it's process ID from the ps output. 
>And not all processes use a /var/run/<file>.pid.  With the commands
>ps ax | grep process, you sometimes see the 'grep process' in the output. 
>That's not what I want.
>The following command works pretty well on Solaris. Does anybody know
>the Debian equivalent?
>PID=`ps $PSOPTION | grep $SERVICE| sed -e 's/^  *//' -e 's/ .*//'`
>(where $PSOPTION is -e for Solaris, and probably ax for Linux)
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