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Re: linux routing

Kevin wrote:
> Well apparently my art career wasnt as promsing as I thought.  I'll try
> again:
> internet ->eth0 -> -> eth1 -> box1 ( and box2
> (

Just to get clear: do you have three boxes (router, box1, box2) with ips to and router having a second ip for the
internet connection on eth0 or do you have two boxes (box1, box2) with
ips to for internal traffic and box1 is
the router with the ip for the internet connection?

In the first case you need the second ip to create a rouleset for your
routing table.

In the second case all subnet masks for every ip should be one of these:,, or

So you only have to configure box2's gateway as and add
the default route for mask to And don't forget
to configure your kernel for ip forwarding.



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