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Re: linux routing

Thats the problem, I can't find any docs that deal with routing real ips
through a linux box.  They all deal with having 1 real ip and routing
certain things to interal ips.  My setup looks like this:

             eth0    ------------------
th1          ------------------
internet ----->  | | -------------> | |
       |        -------------------

                                               |       -------------------
                                                                    |--->| |

I need to route those ips through  I don't know if this
helps any but you have to admit, I could always get a career as an artist.


Well, I'm not sure where to start.

  1) A router is an IP entity with more than one network interface that
allows IP forwarding. So, you need to set up the network interfaces that
you want. This can be more or less involved depending upon the physical
layer of the interfaces you want. It could be two Ethernet cards, an
Ethernet and a PPP, two PPPs, three..., four..., etc., etc.

  2) A router needs to have routes in its routing table in order to
forward IP datagrams correctly. This can also be more or less complicated
depending upon the topology of the internetwork that your router is
operating in. If the topology has fixed datalinks or is simple, then
static routes entered manually in the routing table works fine. If the
topology is more complicated or you want to be able to automatically
change routes due to changes in the internetwork topology, then a dynamic
routing protocol is in order.

  3) Additional services that a router might provide:

     a) multicast IP
     b) VPN
     c) security
     d) QoS
     e) etc., etc.

There must be a ton of stuff on the web about this, but I don't have any
of it handy. Some searching is probably in order, along with a look
through the HOWTOs.

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