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Re: Server Motherboards with multiple PCI buses

At 06:24 PM 4/14/00 -0500, J. Currey wrote:
>Well supporting gigabit Ethernet for one, and 4 100Mb sub networks
>and logging.

It would take an astonishing amount of traffic to max out the interfaces.  I
don't think a PC based system could handle a fraction of what you propose.
I think you need to look to a non-Intel platform, like Alpha or something.

>PCI bandwidth is about 132 MB/sec (32bit at 33MHz), and with 100MB/sec? taken

I thought the PCI bus speed was the same as the CPU base speed (FSB).
You're saying the PCI bus is fixed at 33MHz?

>SCSI controllers to use the AGP slot (since AGP is really PCI @ 66MHZ
>with a funny connector <- flame target) .  There are  SCSI raid adapters
>that are using PCI 66MHZ. 

Maybe it's time for motherboards with multiple AGP's.

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