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Re: Strange message in logs

At 05:42 PM 4/10/00 +1000, Robert Ruzbacky wrote:
>Apr  9 06:47:39 ns tcp-env[17281]: warning: /etc/hosts.allow, line 11:
can't verify hostname: gethostbyname(114.trusted.net) failed
>Apr  9 06:47:40 ns tcp-env[17281]: refused connect from

A lookup:
can't get "114.trusted.net" host entry.

PTR lookup: 
Official Name: 114.trusted.net
IP Address:

The frontways and reverse DNS must agree.  You must sync the DNS entries.

>Is this because my hosts.deny file is set to ALL: PARANOID 

>Is there a way to "fix" this, as I am assuming that the machine that is
denied access cannot
>access my server to browse a web page or send e-mail.  This message seems
to crop up when someone tries to send email mainly.

AFAIK, the hosts.* files only affect daemons run out of inetd, not stand-alones.

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