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Re: Ethernet card recommendations?

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Chris Wagner wrote:

> Speaking of the SMC cards, I ran SMC EtherEZ's 10BaseT on ISA and got some
> weird behaviour from time to time.  When I first set it up, things were
> great.  Getting 7Mbps ftp transfers.  But this began to decline and then
> finally flucuate.  Before I turned off the network it was varying from 2-4Mbps.

Wow, I thought we were the only ones who experienced that problem. I had
assumed it was a bad card because we only had 2, one of which just stopped
working one day, and the other started to have the problem you describe.
That was about a year or so ago, maybe a little longer. Unfortunately, I
can't say if the card did it when initially used in the machine, as it was
built and in use before I started working here. I had tried using a
different kernel, or different driver (at first, that seemed to have made
a difference, I think we used the 8309 driver originally and switched to a
different driver, don't remember offhand because it was a while ago, but 
after a while the same problem showed itself). We eventually shelved the
card and just replaced it with a 3com Vortex and have been trouble-free
ever since.

I don't know if you noticed this, but the transfer problems seemed to be
one-way, outgoing. Incoming transfers occured at the proper speed, but
outgoing was extremely slow.


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