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Re: System clock

Typing away merrily, Doug Bean << Mr Bean's Internet >> produced the immortal words:
> I have a small problem with the way my system clocks are setup.
> What I am trying to do is sync my local time and UTC so they are the same.
> At the moment they seem to be 10 hours apart. I have tried tzconfig but that
> does not ask if i want my system clock and hwclock to be in sync or not to
> refer to the UTC at all.
> My timezone is set correctly.
> I just need to sync UTC time with local time.

This doesn't make sense.  If your local time isn't UTC/GMT, then you
can't sync them - the localtime is _defined_ as an offset from GMT/UTC
(I know I know, there's a difference between UTC & GMT ...)

What exactly do you really mean?  You want the hardware clock to reflect
local time?  This is a bad idea, because it makes the summertime
transitions much harder and confuses the issue of remote logins.
However, if you're dual-booting to another operating system which
insists on storing localtime in the BIOS clock (in which case, why is
this on debian-isp?) then try the --localclock option to /sbin/hwclock
as documented in the manual-page.  I've never tried this, so can't
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