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Re: Virus Scanning on Mailserver

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Fraser Campbell wrote:

> A recent incident with Pretty Park in our building caused me much amusement
> and prompted our LAN administrator to ask if I can perform any virus
> scanning on the mailserver.  Do there exist any solutions to scan email for
> viruses where the mailserver is a Linux box?
> Ideally I would like all locally delivered emails to be scanned before
> delivery.  Our current mailserver is running sendmail 8.9.3 but I plan to
> upgrade to exim soon.

  One russian company (Kaspersky lab) that was famous as creator of
high-quality antivirus software for DOS (when I tracked it) has a beta of 
antivirus suite for sendmail on Linux - try visiting www.avp.ru . As I heard,
author(s) are DOS and probably Windows wizards, but they have a low experience 
with Unix and linux - so be warned and don't expect very much from linux 
 It would be nice if you post your impression about their software.
> Thanks,
> Fraser

 Best regards,

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