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Re: Ethernet card recommendations?

I second this.  Been using them at full blast for at least 8 months and not


At 11:14 AM 4/5/00 +0200, you wrote:
>> 10/100, Full-duplex, PCI prefered (what else would you use in a "serious"
>> server?).
>maybe some kind of SUNs or DECs 100 NICs :)
>but they are very expensive.
>i'm using SMC1211TX, it's based on RTL8139 chipset and working fine in my
>100mbit Cisco network but when the default ethernet driver (by Donald
>Becker) is loaded then both the 10mbit and 100mbit LED is turned
>permanently on, but communicating at 100mbit fullduplex.
>so, SMC1211TX is a good choice for you!
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