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Re: postfix, qmail, zmailer, qpopper, cyrus?

I suggest you use qmail for MTA, aand the latest vpopmail for
providing mail addresses to the users without needing a shell account to

The latest vpopmail package can be accessed from vpopmail homepage
(http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail). If you don't want to store the user data
(authentication info only) in a mysql database, then contact the packager,
to provide a patch for normal cdb authentication. He can be reached at
ondrej@sury.cz   I think for 300 users you don't need mysql.

For other questions, subscribe to  the debian-qmail list, at
qmail@planetsites.com (send a letter to qmail-subscribe@planetsites.com
to subscribe).

For mailing lists you can choose an arbitrary mailing list manager
software, I would suggest mailman or ezmlm-idx, both are provided in
debian package, and both support maildirs I think. Ezmlm has better
integration with vpopmail though, so I recommend that.

POP3 is provided with qmail.


Robert Varga

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, David Charro Ripa wrote:

> I`m installing a mail server. And I need a simple configuration system,
> 300 e-mail accounts, mailing lists, pop accounts but no login-shell
> accounts.
> Could you teel which and why of the potato MTA's and POP servers are
> better for me?

> żexim, postfix, zmailer, qmail?
> żqpopper, cyrus?
> K-charro
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