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Re: Cached Websites

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Nathan Ridge wrote:
>Running transparent proxy, there is a particular site that gets updated
>frequently , web designer constantly complaining of cached pages and images.
>Is there a way 1. to delete the site from squids stored pages and 2. get
>squid to ignore any requests made to that site and not cache anything from
>that domain??

You probably don't really want to disable all caching for a domain.  Make it 
cache for at least an hour
The following line from my Squid setup causes the coker.com.au domain to be 
cached for a minimum of 1 hour, 10% of the age of the page, up to a maximum 
of 2 hours.
As with all such things these numbers were derived by guessing repeatedly 
whenever things didn't work properly.

refresh_pattern       coker\.com\.au       60      10%       120

My current location - X marks the spot.

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