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Adding users and virtual webs

Hi all,

I'm new to this list so hello everyone.  I have a leased line on I hope to be able to offer about 100 people the ability to run virtual hosts on my server and need a script to set them up as users, give them home directories and set up virtual servers for them.

The basic steps needed are:

1. Add a user
2. Give an eight character password from random list
3. Give a home directory with a www subdirectory
4. Create a virtual server in the name http://www.localdomainname/user with root documents in /home/user/www
5. Add a new virtual domain like www.anydomain.com for apache and have its root documents in a subdirectory of the user called anydomain
6. Make sure the user has no read access at all outside their own directory yet is able to read email.
7. Deny the user telnet access.

Obviously I'm not the first person to need to do this so does anyone know where I can find a script to use as a prototype?  

All help appreciated.

Patrick Kirk

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