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Re: Very huge email service

... thats why we decided to implement it with "standard" Debian Linux -
except for the POP3 proxy.

But Linux, the hardware or configuration aren't the main problem.
You will probably choose a central located solution not one distributed
all over the country (or do you have that many experts).
You will discover that the main work has to be done with the database
managing/administering all these user information and accounting data.
You will need to make all database operation falesafe.

In our design the system keeps operational even if the database is


Paul van Empelen wrote:
> > OR !
> > you can buy a solution from SUN and/or Netscape.
> We chose for this solution, on a platform that is a fraction of the 30 million
> users. I definitely do not recommend this. The Sun hardware is great, however,
> Netscape seems to be very unstable for a large number of users.

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