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Re: Sendmail virtual domain trivia

On Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 04:48:44PM -0600, David H. Gay wrote:
> The answers have been helpful, but not addressed the real problem we
> are trying to solve.

Let me try this again...

> We have 1 mail host. So setting up a relay for each domain is not
> possible.

Also not needed.

> It would be nice but we would run out of IP addresses (unless we can set
> up sendmail to work on several ports.)

Not nice, as long as you can do it on one machine.  Using several ports
would not help.  Nobody will connect to smtp on other port than 25...

> Our customers should be able to send email with their domain name as the
> email address. For example JOE@COMPANY-X.COM instead of it going out as
> JOE@ISP-DOMAIN.NET. They should just set their email address in their
> POP/SMTP mail program.

Yes.  Doesn't that work for you?

> For example the header of this message will have dgay@progworks.net
> instead of dgay@program-works.com.

OK, let's see.  You seem to be using Netscape as a MUA.  How do you send the
messages?  I suppose you connect to the smtp port on a Debian machine.  (Did
I guess it?)  Now, if you just set your email to the desired value
(dgay@progworks.com) in  Netscape/Preferences/Mail&Newsgroups/Identity, you
should be get the desired effect.

Of course, sendmail would have to allow relaying for your IP address or for
domain progworks.com.

Hope this was clearer...

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