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Re: Multisystem backup

Hallo together !

Jaysen O'Dell wrote:
> Ok I finally need to build a central backup "server". Looking at
> utilizing an old p233 w/64Mram, 10bT NIC and an 8GB HD w/ the spud for
> our deb release. Here are the concerns that I have:

> 1) Is NFS a good idea? I am nervous about the obvious solution of NFS
> mount then tar the files. security is the obvious concern but what about
> locking and access.

... NFS is  terribly sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow and insecure
despite the fact that it can hang your network.
so keep away of it - at least for backup.

> 2) Is there a solution that will run client side but still wait for
> other jobs to finish first?

... this depens on the trigger. you could check the system loud before
starting the backup process or wait untill a certain job has finished.

> 3) What solutions are actually out there that allow recovery of files

... did someone mention AMANDA. there is also an debian package. but I
would fetch the latest sources and compile it myself. it has really
advanced features but its a bit tricky to set it up.

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