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Question about the advanced routing in 2.2.x kernels

I have the following problem : A machine of mine needs to run
a separate channel to another ISP, and to route through there
all the web traffic(tcp port 80).I use squid proxy server,and
I have no idea how to make squid route through that interface.
  I had the idea to use the ip command from iproute2 package,
because there I can add a rule with fwmark , and to mark all
that traffic and route it according to the mark.But the problem
is that all local programs that use TCP/IP push their packets
directly into the outgoing chain,and these packets first pass
the routing table,etc.,and then they're marked by the ipchains
factility.So,these rules work on forwarded packets, but not
on packets,originating localy. Any ideas ?

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