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Re: uucp

Hello charlesiii@theverge.com 

On 29 Oct 99, at 9:11, charlesiii@theverge.com wrote:

> Any one here support uucp ?

Yes we use it to feed mail servers with intermittent dial-up 
connections.  It is more reliable than "fetchmail" and unlike ETRN 
solutions, it works works with dynamic IP's.  We also compress the 
mail to save some bandwidth.  

> Can you do uucp over tcp only ?

Yes.  That is the preferred way if you are making use of an existing 
Modem servers.  Without tcp you have need to make a plan to get 
the uucp session talking from the terminal server to the mail server 
(we use ssh for that).

> And do you know any thing about lotus cc uucp ?


We always use Debian Linux on both ends.  We always maintain 
both ends.  This is the limitation of uucp.  Supporting somebody 
else's client software could be tricky.  We used to supply mail to 
some BB's using modem to modem uucp, but I think we have only 
one left.  The BB's operators had to make a plan to get their side 

I am not sure if lotus cc will do uucp over tcp/ip.  I would suggest you 
check that out first.  If not you will need modems configured to 
answer uucp calls.


Ian Forbes ZSD
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