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Re: Some questions about PAM ...

On Sun, Oct 17, 1999 at 06:36:36PM +0300, vasil@eos.dobrich.net wrote:
>   Hi all,
> I'm developing a simple web-based system to
> administrate(add,modify,delete) accounts on a Debian/Linux
> machine.Currently,I use postgresql as a backend,and few 
> written by me programs.I need to make somehow a ftp server to autehnticate
> using the data in the database ,but i haven't found anything that
> could use postgresql - there is only pam-mysql .Does someone have such a
> program,or i'll have to write it myself ?

I have heard that a PostgreSQL module for proftpd is forthcoming.  

It might just be a rumor though.

If you're really serious, you may want to poke around and see if you can
find the code for it out there, and apply it yourself.


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