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Re: Replication services available?

Hi all again! :)

Thanks everyone who replied so fast already!

I think i completely forgot about rsync. Since a mailspool is quite simple
data to sync, i think rsync will do the job perfectly. rsync has nice
features like incremental copies and compression, which is perfect for a

Thanks again!


On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Tommy van Leeuwen wrote:

> Hi there,
> We're planning on building a redunant (more or less) mailserver. I was
> wondering if there is any replication software available for linux or
> debian specific. Doesn't matter if it's commercial or gpl.
> What we basically need to do is to keep 2 mailbox partitions in sync with
> each other on different machines. 
> I know i could write a script which cp's the diffs between the servers but
> a more real-time option would be prefered. I've never actually heard of
> this kind of apps for linux (or other unices) but maybe you guys outthere
> know of something which is usable. 
> I will probably end up using cp's anyway but you never know :)
> Thanks for any hints!
> Kind Regards,
> Tommy
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