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Re: POP3 and old mail & Installing a new HD

Russell Coker wrote:

> >> chmod 2755 mail (I think)
> >> mount /dev/hd?? /var/spool/mail
> >doesn't the root directory of the newly mountred partition change the
> >permissions/ownership of the mount point?
> >I guess i remember it was so when i was mounting something with smbmount
> >some time ago... i could be wrong, of course
> That is correct and raises an interesting issue.  It seems to me that when most
> people create mount points they create them mode 0755 for some reason I don't
> understand.  I always create mount points mode 0500 so that any non-root
> operation on the directory will fail if it's not mounted.
> Is there any good reason for doing otherwise?

This is a follow up to a very old email.  I'm finally getting around to
installing the new mail spool ... I don't understand the mount options I
need to use.  I have RTFM'ed for hours and still I'm totally stumped.

/var/spool/mail needs to be owned by root.mail and mode 2775 after mounting
the partition.

How do I mount /dev/hdc1 on /var/spool/mail so that those will be the
permissions?  What should be the options in /etc/fstab and what options can
I pass at the command line to mount it with those permissions?

What should the permissions be on /var/spool/mail be before mounting and do
I need to put special permissions on /dev/hdc1?

Help greatly appreciated ... I thought this task was going to be a simple
one but I didn't foresee this.



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