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Re: Howto make Qmail limit max size of attachments for certain domains

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 06:09:16PM +0200, Ian Johannesen wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Jon Marler wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 04:50:28PM +0200, Ian Johannesen wrote:
> > > Welp subj. is all I can say
> > 
> > To limit size of attachments w/QMail ...
> > 
> > Are you talking about when your qmail server is being used as a relay for
> > SMTP?
> no, i want to limit the max size that my users can receive!

Ahh.  That's an easy one.  Get the latest version of vchkpw.  You can get
it at http://www.inter7.com/vchkpw.  You need at least version 3.4.8

The package that currently exists in Debian is a very old version (3.1.2)
that does not support the quota features.



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