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NFSv4 mounting host with only AAAA DNS record

Now that nfs-kernel-server 1.2.3-1 has arrived in Debian Sid, with IPv6
support, I am starting to test it.

given two hosts, a desktop machine with both A and AAAA records in DNS, and a
laptop with only an AAAA record, both running Debian with the latest NFS
packages, I find that:

Exporting from the desktop machine to the laptop over IPv6 works fine (I'm
using NFSv4 in all cases).

When exporting from the laptop to the desktop system, the export appears to
work, but mount.nfs4 on the desktop machine hangs when attempting to mount the
exported file system.

The only obvious difference between the two cases lies in the DNS records; I'm
using host names in both the export and the mount. There is no documentation
to suggest a syntax for specifying IPv6 addresses to exportfs or /etc/exports,
or indeed to mount.nfs4.

If anyone else can confirm the above problem, I'll report the bug, or you're
welcome to do so first, of course.

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