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EHLO command rejected / postfix IPv6

Jul 19 20:11:23 [postfix/smtpd] 6B0B413997: reject: RCPT from
beta.loc.e-glop.net[2001:7a8:4b09:1:230:1bff:feb1:defa]: 501
9:1:230:1bff:feb1:defa]>: Helo command rejected: invalid ip address;
from=<baptiste.simon@e-glop.net> to=<beta@e-glop.net> proto=ESMTP helo=<[

I get this when I try to send a mail throught my MTA which is a postfix
configured dual-stack, and that I connect using its fqdn which has two
records, one A and one AAAA.

I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird as a mail client, and I suppose that this
is thunderbird which is doing bad things with its IPv6: headers on its EHLO.

so, if anyone has an idea, :c) I would be pleased.

Baptiste SIMON
  aka BeTa
Administrateur systèmes GNU/Linux, Unix, IPv6 | http://www.e-glop.net/
Développement, design système | CNAM - CEANTE - http://ceante.cnam.fr/

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