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RE: Help needed to configure RADVD

C Afpe [mailto:pvtjessus@hotmail.com] wrote:

> iface eth1 inet6 static
> address 3ffe:2620:3:1:1:02:b34c:129f
> netmask 80
These should be prefixlen (ipv4 netmask ;) /64 otherwise EUI-64 won't
work and addrconf won't either.


> auto 6bone-tunl
> iface 6bone-tunl inet6 v4tunnel
> address 3ffe:2620:1:ff81::2
> netmask 126
> endpoint
> up /sbin/ip route add 3ffe::0/16 dev 6bone-tunl
I suggest you use a "ip route add 2000::/3 via 3ffe:8114:1000::26 dev
Also are you quite sure it's a /126 going over the tunnel ?
It's usually a /127 or a /64...

As for /etc/radvd.conf, use something like per interface:
interface ethX
   AdvSendAdvert on;
   prefix fec0:8114:2000:240::/64

The client should have nothing set, except accept_ra = 1 in it's sysctl
for the interface.


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