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Re: IPv6 Tunneling Tools

On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 05:15:36PM +0700, Indra Kusuma wrote:
> there is an ipv6 tunnel tools to make easy to control the tunnel, feels
> free to test and use it at http://debian.kusuma.or.id/tools/6tunnel
> the deb package will be released soon.

Please dont add a single script as a new debian package.

We could have something like a ipv6-tools package to collect those. But even
then I dont see much need for such a wrapper with ifup supporting v4 tunnels

BTW: I am just working on some net-tools enhancements, any suggestions what
is needed? For now i managed to get 

netstat -6r / route -6  output to match into a single line, and 

netstat -64 output to print tcp/tcp6/udp/udp6/raw/raw6 labels to distinguish
the socket families.

The next big step would be to add propper add/del support for v4/v6 in
ifconfig and of course sit tunnel setup.


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