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Re: Debian 3.0 and the IPv6 status

martin f krafft wrote:


I am sure you've seen [1]. We're looking for some Debian IPv6 cracks
who are willing to help us keep this up to date. I am sure there's
been a plethora of changes between August 2001 and now. The data used
for the tables comes from [2]

 1. http://www.bieringer.de/linux/IPv6/status/IPv6+Linux-status-distributions.html
 2. http://www.bieringer.de/linux/IPv6/status/debian.txt

We'd appreciate if people could provide us with some input.


From a fast check


netkit it doesn't make too much sense in that list because we have netkit-inetd and netkit-ping for netkit-inetd there's an ipv6 version available at http://people.debian.org/~kitame/ netkit-ping does not include ping6 that is included in iptuils-ping like correclty reported.


yes we actually supports ipv6 to configure interfaces at boot time (I guess it should be covered
both by initscripts and rc-scripts)


exim supports ipv6. I managed to make it working in inetd mode. Never tested as standalone daemon.
inetd (read my comments in the basic section)
postfix there's an ipv6 version available both on Cosimo Alfarano Debian home page (the url is in one of the latest msgs in the list)
           and on debian.fabbione.net
squid should be on the way during this week.. so right now is a no
xinetd is available from debian.fabbione.net
telnetd supports ipv6 if inetv6 is installed (tcp46 in the config)
ucd-snmp is compiled with ipv6 support directly from the pkg mantainer


telnet supports ipv6
mozilla supports ipv6
lynx supports ipv6
wget does not support ipv6 in the upstream - it seems there's a patched version on yamamoto archive.
xchat is ipv6 enabled


curl is ipv6 enable
ethereal supports ipv6
lsof supports ipv6

Thanks for the input I got from some guys on #debian-ipv6

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