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Re: Strange bind9 problem on dual stacked box

Hi Uwe,

Uwe A. P. Wuerdinger wrote:

Hi List,
I have a very strange problem on one of my dual stacked nameservers.
The box is running bind 9.2.1-2.woody and kernel-image 2.4.18-5 686
whenever I start bind it complains that it can't bind to port 53 TCP
on the IPv4 interfaces but starts up completely and works OK.
lsof | grep TCP | grep -i domains tells me that there is nothing
running on port 53 TCP on IPv4.

AFAIK This behaviuor is documented. It is a side effect of using listen-on-ipv6
and listen-on at the same time.
It's a warning and you can safely ignore it if the named then runs fine.
Anyway I encourage you to install the bind-doc and look at it because
it has several notes about using named on a dual stack system.


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