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RE: Odd behavoiur of one machine - radvd failing?

Tony Hoyle [mailto:tmh@nothing-on.tv] wrote:
> Sent: Monday, 15 July 2002 22:09
> To: debian-ipv6@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Odd behavoiur of one machine - radvd failing?
> I have 4 ipv6 enabled machines on a 6/4 tunnel.  3 of them work fine, 
> but the 4th refuses to pick up an ipv6 address except its local one.

> Both machines are connected to the same router and on the same subnet.
> /etc/network/interfaces is identical on both machines (except for the 
> different IP address).  There are no error logs generated 
> that I can find.

ping6 -I eth0 ff02::2 to find out your routers (if they react)

But you most probably should check if you got forwarding enabled on the
If forwarding -> no autoconfig ;)


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