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RE: apache 1.3.23 ipv6 binary

Craig Small [mailto:csmall@eye-net.com.au] wrote:

> I'm confused about this ssh doesn't work in IPv6 problems people are
> having. I got ssh 3.4p1 here and it does IPv6.  Sure I need a -- -6
> in the init.d script but that's a minor annoyance.

"minor" if you only got 1 IPv6 enabled box, if you got a couple of them
and one has to update all those init.d's by hand on all of them it's
to get more annoying.

But the biggest 'problem' is the fact that one has to ssh "out" (client)
by using -6, now if default-to-ipv4 (or what it is) was out of the main
One wouldn't have to do that and people would transparently start using

I still don't know why it's there... is it because people
"open up ports in ipv6 which they firewall in v4" or ???

I was building IPv6 defaulting SSH's for some time before this just
takes another
bit of time out of my hands. Time is sparse, that's why debian is g00d,
one doesn't
want to build world over and over ;)


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