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ssh (was Re: apache 1.3.23 ipv6 binary)

Julian Mehnle wrote:

Arnaud Willem <debian-ml@woof.lu> wrote:
Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione@fabbione.net> wrote:
Yes that's what I mean. IPv6 is already in the upstream
but not placed by default in the debian pkg even if the
command line options work fine.
The mainteiner use --with-ipv4-default and that's exactly
what I remove in my pkgs.
Actually, this is not correct (or I am using the wrong packages,
although I only have the official mirrors: simply pass the "-6" option
to sshd, and it will listen on both v4 and v6 (tested on a woody

I think that's what Fabio meant: sshd listens on IPv6 sockets if you specify
"-6" as an extra command-line option, but does NOT listen on IPv6 sockets by
default. Though, I don't understand why someone would want this to be so...

Julian Mehnle.

Ok I will try to be more clear. Im sorry if my english is not that perfect ;)

Using ssh from main you can use IPv6 but it needs to be specified as option both for the daemon and the client
For example ssh -6 (client) and Listen :: (daemon)

Using ssh from my archive IPv6 is enabled by default that means: sshd will listen automatically to :: the client will first attempt a connection via IPv6 and in case it fails will automatically switch to ipv4

This is done removing


from debian/rules when it calls the ./configure


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