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OpenSSH with v6 enabled by default

Hi all,
I have spend some time building a small archive so that the upgrade
to use OpenSSH v6 will be less pain for everyone.

Now you can add the following line directly to your sources.list

For woody:

deb http://debian.fabbione.net/debian-ipv6 woody ipv6
deb-src http://debian.fabbione.net/debian-ipv6 woody ipv6

For sid:

deb http://debian.fabbione.net/debian-ipv6 sid ipv6
deb-src http://debian.fabbione.net/debian-ipv6 sid ipv6

You can also use testing/unstable instead of woody/sid if you prefer ;)

Actually there is a cronjob that checks the different versions available
and in case it rebuilds the pkgs but it's not fully tested. It will the next time
that a new version/repackage of ssh will hit the official archive, but it
should work without any problem.
My archive will update max two hours late than the official one and keep
tracks as well of possible versions coming from security.debian.org.

For any suggestion and problems contact me directly and I will be glad
to improve the system. Flames & co > /dev/null

If people would like to put their IPv6 enabled packages in this archive
to make them available to everyone feel free to contact me directly.

I would also like to thanks the person that "pushed" me to build  this small
archive. It was a nice challenge.


PS the server has only 512kb/sec for outgoing traffic.. if it's slow...
...well I can't efford more than this ;)

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