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Re: Ping6 ok but Traceroute6 fails

On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 04:58:16PM +0200, Oliver Wellnitz wrote:
> On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 04:39:42PM +0200, Xavier Sudre wrote:
> > Where can I check this attribute ?
> $ ip tunnel ls
> > Is it posible to setup it in the /etc/network/interfaces file ?
> Here's my current configuration:
> auto v6uplink
> iface v6uplink inet6 v4tunnel
>         address 3ffe:400:9d0::1
>         netmask 64
>         endpoint
>         up ip tunnel change v6uplink ttl 64
>         up ip route add 2000::0/3 dev v6uplink
>         up ip route add unreachable 3ffe:400:9d0::/48
> > Finally what does it means ttl64 and ttl inherit ?
> When entering the tunnel you put IPv6 in IPv4 packets and send these IPv4
> packets to the tunnel endpoint. You can now either copy the hopcount from
> the original IPv6 packet into your IPv4 packet (inherit) which means the
> hops between your two tunnel endpoints count. Or you can set this TTL to a
> fixed value (64 or any other value but enough to reach your tunnel
> neighbour) so your tunnel looks like a one-hop link.

Great, that works fine thanks.
The last problem I have is with BGP, because my zebra is well configured
as my tunnel broker said but I have the following kernel message:
kernel: route_me_harder: ip_route_output_key(dst=,src=, oif=7, tos=0x0, fwmark=0x0) error -19

I think my zebra is trying to put routes into the kernel but it deny,
right ?
Does somebody has ever experienced that before ?
What can I do to fix the problem and finally enjoy my tunnel for ever ?

Thanks for all,

Xavier Sudre
URL: <http://www.sudre.fr>
EMAIL: <xavier@sudre.fr>

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