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Re: rsync ipv6 patch merge?

On  4 Dec 2001, SUMIKAWA Munechika <sumikawa@ebina.hitachi.co.jp> wrote:
> > Would it be sufficient for us to just read into a byte array large
> > enough to hold all reasonable IPv6 encodings, and then cast it as
> > appropriate?  I have not had a chance to follow this idea through yet.
> I don't think at most 240 byte larger array has bad influence to
> system.  Moreover all of sokcaddr_storage in rsync are auto-variable.
> Here is new patch for rsync-current which including compatible
> checking. Please try it in missing sockaddr_storage system.
> Some systems may not have typedef u_int{8,32}_t.
> I'm not sure whether we should use u_short/u_long instead of them.

Yes, we do build on systems which do not have them built in.  We
normally use uchar and uint32, though note that on systems such as
CRAY they may actually be larger.


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