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Re: Success with wu-ftpd 2.7.0

"William F. Maton" <wmaton@ryouko.dgim.crc.ca> writes:

> 	I got access to the CVS snaps for wu-ftpd 2.7.0, which is nearing
> release.  Using the inetd and tcpd Debian packages, I was able to
> successfully compile, build and install (thanks to some tips from the
> wuftpd-dev@wu-ftpd.org list) a dual-stack version of wu-ftpd.
> 	Could someone with IPv6 access try out the server?  It's
> ftp.crc.ca, which resolves thus:
> ftp.crc.ca.             1D IN AAAA      2001:410:401:c::2
> ftp.crc.ca.             1D IN A

It seems to work. You should see a number of connections from
mandoliini.ip6.atm.tut.fi. I used lftp running on Debian/unstable. For
trial, I pulled a copy of emacs sources to see how data transfer works
and the speed was fairly good:

lftp anonymous@2001:410:401:c::2:/pub/pub/packages/gnu/emacs> get emacs-20.7.tar.gz 
15043428 bytes transferred in 125 seconds (117.1K/s)
lftp anonymous@2001:410:401:c::2:/pub/pub/packages/gnu/emacs> 

Here is some edited (unecessary lines removed) netstat -an output:

Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State      
tcp        0      0 2001:708:310:52:2:49551 2001:410:401:c::2:21    ESTABLISHED 
tcp     1420      0 2001:708:310:52:2:49563 2001:410:401:c::2:20    ESTABLISHED 

Have to disconnect now, a thunder storm is approaching quickly.

Heikki Vatiainen                  * hessu@cs.tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology  * Tampere, Finland

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