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Re: rsync ipv6 patch merge?

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Martin Pool wrote:

> One concern is that its configure.in tests whether the *build* machine
> has IPv6 in the kernel, and uses that as apparently a gating condition
> on including IPv6 support.  I can imagine distribution-builders who
> may not have IPv6 in the build machine kernel, but still want to
> enable it in binary packages.  We could easily fix this.

Check the Apache 2.0 configure, I think that one does some checks
differently (haven't looked too deeply at it though).

> rsync supports a fair number of unix-like platforms at the moment,
> some of which are rather old or idiosyncratic.  So, while the new
> IPv6/v4 sockets API looks quite nice, I think we cannot count on it
> being present.  Any advice here would be welcome.  The KAME patch
> seems to *replace* the old interface by the new one, which is OK for a
> patch but would probably not be adequate if we want a single tree that
> will build on old platforms.


> Is the library support sufficiently stable that Debian would ship with
> IPv6 support in rsync if it was enabled?  Are you confident in
> supporting it?  When I've enabled ipv6 interfaces on a Woody box I
> found a disturbing number of things broke, most importantly ssh.  I'm
> sure that will improve.

I think Debian now ships with glibc 2.1.3, which has an IPv6 API.  So far
I've been using that library to compile Apache 2.0, and it seems to work.
Network connectivity has always been fine too, via IPv6.  So now we just
need some apps....


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