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Re: SA_LEN in linux (fwd)

I sent this to lynx-dev. Anyone have any ideas?


> I get this error on linking Lynx2.8.4-pre1:
> HTFTP.o(.text+0x1924): undefined reference to `SA_LEN'
> This on a new glibc2.2.3 machine with the gcc-3.0 (5/26 snapshot)
> I did notice when I built tcpdump it said there was no such
> structure in sockaddr. IpV6 built on the glibc2.1.3, gcc2.95 machine.
> Is this fixable? Would this be in the usagi patch?

I've been looking at netinet/in.h there seens to be no sa_len
or sin6_len in sockaddr_in6, which it looks like the two options.
I noticed a while back that ftp did not work on the only site
I used that had an IPv6 address (ftp.linux-ipv6.org), I could
only get there from an IPv4 client, is this why?

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