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Re: Hotfixes

I'd certainly recommend migrating to Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).  As a long-time Interix user, I waited until WSL got past its 'version 1' period, and find that WSL 2 is really quite good.  It also has "mindshare" within MSFT (built inside, not acquired), so seems well supported – finally.

Interix was a valliant effort, good for many – if not most – purposes (including graphical GUI apps if you run a 3rd-party X-server), but its been surpassed by WSL 2.  

James D. Howard. jhoward@alumni.caltech.edu

From: Larkin Nickle <me@larbob.org>
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Subject: Hotfixes

        Are the hotfixes for Interix still available anywhere?


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