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Re: Updating w.d.o/{intro/organization#distribution,ports/}

On 04/06/12 21:42, Jeremiah Cornelius wrote:
> There will be a complete retreat from this in Win8 Server.  The
> component are deprecated and POSIX source compatibility, NFS, etc. will
> be sricttly a 3rd-party game, once again.

I'm actually sad to hear that. Interix may have been ancient and a bit
weird, but it was *so* much nicer than Cygwin...

I suppose it was... passable... while it lasted.

(Incidentally, people here may be amused to know that a while back, in a
fit of insanity, I did an ELF binary loader for Interix that would run
unmodified Linux executables. Sort of. Turns out it was only really
useful as a stunt, but it was an impressive one. See
http://lbw.sourceforge.net if you're interested.)

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