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porting a PHP extension to Debian-Interix

Hi all,


                I’m a new Interix user and list member, and kind of a *nix newbie in general.  (If you’re on the SUA community forums, I’ve posted a related but more general question already.)  I am trying to get a build working under Interix that currently runs on CentOS and uses PHP.  Right now I’m keeping it simple by focusing on one single missing dependency; if I can get past this one, maybe I’ll know enough to be able to solve the next one.  It’s an extension, mbstring or php5-mbstring, that apparently includes a binary component, libmbfl.  I’m willing to invest the effort to create a port / package of this if necessary.  I assume that even if this package is available in some apt-compatible package repository, it will not work out of the box on Interix.  I know it is available at least as an rpm (along with the other bits to perform a proper php install), not sure if it is packaged elsewhere as well.  So I guess my first step should be to get the C source and try to compile it under Interix, then if it works, submit any necessary changes to the project’s maintainers, and make a new Debian/Interix package from there.  Is this roughly correct?  Any porting advice from those who’ve done it before?






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