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Segfaults on install (SUA version < 6.x) (FIX)

 I just did a fresh install of SUA and debian interix on Win2k3 Server
 64-bit and ran into problems on the configure step with several
 packages, and then looked up the notes from my first install and
 remembered the problem.
 In my case, I was getting cores from perl with some of the dpkg-*

 * The FIX:
   Before running "ksh setup", either: 

    - install the hotfixes for this issue [Preferred]

      +For SUA 5.x, I believe its 948918

      +For SUA 3.x, I believe its in the 913030 rollup [UNTESTED]

    - edit boot.ini and change /noexecute to
     /NoExecute=OptIn or /NoExecute=alwaysoff

      Note: NX bit protection (MS calls it DEP) is a good thing,
      so don't use this one unless the first one won't work.

 Can we add this to the INSTALL doc?

 * unrelated bug fix: base-files

  base files needs to either check for the existence of
  /usr/local/man, or use ln -sf to create the file.  

  (apologies for being lame and not generating a patch, but my "dev"
  debian interix box is having some issues)

Paul Holcomb                               *pholcomb    \@      cpoint  net*
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