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Re: Issues regarding input methods for Bullseye

On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 6:45 AM Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> currently we have 4 bugreports open regarding input methods:
> #983704 Switch to fcitx5 for Simplified and Traditional Chinese desktop
> #941624 Recommending ibus breaks fcitx
> #983653 task-japanese-gnome-desktop: no Japanese input method available out of the box
> #982175 task-japanese-desktop: should explicitly prefer mozc over anthy
> This correlates with Gnome's changing to Recommends: ibus.
> So, what's the way to solve these issues for Bullseye?
> What are the options?
> 1. Since Gnome only supports ibus, all relevant languages would need to get
>    an ibus-* package installed, to run Gnome.
>    Would that work? Is ibus working fine for all relevant languages?
> 2. There are of course people, who don't want to use ibus, but fcitx or uim.
>    In that case, would it be ok, to install both (ibus + fctix|uim) ?
>    It has been stated, that it's no problem, when more than one input method
>    is installed, im-config is there to take care of that.
> 3. Getting Gnome reverting the Recommends:ibus dependency is probably no
>    longer possible in this development status of Bullseye ... (?)
> 4. What about other desktop environments?
>    Apart from the fcitx -> fcitx5 switch, are there any other changings
>    needed?
> 5. <maybe more?>

Just FTR, as there's another thread in #983695.

It may be better to recommend gnome-initial-setup for gnome tasks like
task-korean-gnome-desktop, to workaround that ibus doesn't have a
default config for all languages.

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