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Migration from alioth to salsa for input method


I have updated some wiki pages to help migration from Alioth to Salsa.


I realize Boyuan Yang <073plan@gmail.com> is doing a lot of work on
packages recently, thanks.

I also made few package uploads and repository move from alioth archive
(https://alioth-archive.debian.org/) including anthy.  I moved anthy
specific ML address on alioth to this generic ML for input method on the
Debian ML system.  If this is not good idea, please override it.  I only
did these to avoid RC bugs.

If your package of interest is found in:
you are in good shape.

I still have many packages without testing packages such as ibus-anthy.
My QA page gives you some idea.

You can join Debian Input Method Team at
by clicking "Request Access" button in the top section of the page.

Please use the salsa service to create a Git repository to host your packaging
activity under one of the following sites:

      (Debian group write accessible by all DD)
	If this is used, add "Debian Input Method Team"(input-method-team) to
	each project repository via its side panel: Settings -> Members ->
	"Share with Group" tab. 

      (Debian Input Method Team site write accessible by all Debian Input
      Method Team member)
	If this is used, add "Debian"(debian) to each project repository via
	its side panel: Settings -> Members -> "Share with Group" tab.

If you are not on this Debian Input Method ML, please subscribe from:



PS: Help for Chinese related ibus packages are most welcomed.

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