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minimal-impact scheduled downtime for Debian services at UBC (2016-02-19/22)

On Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 06:31:51PM +0000, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 02, 2016 at 05:41:41PM +0000, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> > We have been advised of a 60-hour power outage during the weekend of
> > 2016-02-19/22.  We have asked that alternate power be provided to the
> > router in MCLD so that the KAIS server room can remain connected during the
> > MCLD power outage, thereby limiting the disruption to [just] spontini.
> UBC have agreed to provision alternate power to the MCLD router so that users
> / machines in KAIS, including ours, are not impacted by the MCLD power outage
> scheduled for 2016-02-19/22.
> Debian machines in KAIS should see no outage as the router has redundant
> power supplies which can be moved from standard to altnerate power feeds in
> sequence.
> spontini.debian.org, being in MCLD, will be unavailable for the duration of
> the power outage.

Please be reminded of the aforementioned, dates adjusted slightly.

Luca Filipozzi

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