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scheduled downtime for Debian services at Bytemark (2016-01-04 14:00Z)

[this was supposed to go out last thursday, but didn't work out; sorry
 for the resulting lack of advance notice]


Unfortunately, a needed part was not available for the maintenance
window this last Tuesday, so we have to do this again.

All Debian equipment at Bytemark will be down on Monday starting around 1330Z.
We expect the downtime to not exceed a couple of hours.

Due to a hardware fault, we need to replace parts including a backplane of our
blade system.  Bytemark has been great and scheduled this work with HP for
2016-01-04 14:00Z (Monday).  We'll have to shut down things for the
duration of the work.

Affected hosts include the systems serving alioth, qa and buildd.  A
full list of debian.org hosts is provided below.  Note that debconf and
SPI infrastructure might also be affected.

Julien, for your Debian System Administration Team

affected hosts:
 * adayevskaya.debian.org
 * backuphost.debian.org
 * barriere.debian.org
 * binet.debian.org
 * bmdb1.debian.org
 * coccia.debian.org
 * delfin.debian.org
 * dillon.debian.org
 * dinis.debian.org
 * donizetti.debian.org
 * fede.debian.org
 * gideon.debian.org
 * httpredir-bm-01.debian.org
 * jerea.debian.org
 * lindsay.debian.org
 * mekeel.debian.org
 * milanollo.debian.org
 * moszumanska.debian.org
 * oyens.debian.org
 * paradis.debian.org
 * pejacevic.debian.org
 * petrova.debian.org
 * philp.debian.org
 * picconi.debian.org
 * pinel.debian.org
 * pittar.debian.org
 * piu-slave-bm-a.debian.org
 * portman.debian.org
 * quantz.debian.org
 * rainier.debian.org
 * rapoport.debian.org
 * rusca.debian.org
 * senfter.debian.org
 * sor.debian.org
 * ticharich.debian.org
 * wuiet.debian.org
 * x86-bm-01.debian.org

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