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scheduled downtime for Debian services at Bytemark (2015-12-29 10:00Z)


All Debian equipment at Bytemark will be down on Tusday starting around 0930.
We expect the downtime to not exceed a couple of hours.

Due to a hardware fault, we need to replace parts including a backplane of our
blade system.  Bytemark has been great and scheduled this work with HP for
2015-12-29 10:00Z (Tuesday).  We'll have to shut down things for the duration
of the work.

Affected hosts include the systems serving alioth and buildd.  A full list of
debian.org hosts is provided below.  Note that debconf and SPI infrastructure
might also be affected.


Debian System Administration Team

affected hosts:
 * adayevskaya.debian.org
 * backuphost.debian.org
 * barriere.debian.org
 * binet.debian.org
 * bmdb1.debian.org
 * coccia.debian.org
 * delfin.debian.org
 * dillon.debian.org
 * dinis.debian.org
 * donizetti.debian.org
 * fede.debian.org
 * gideon.debian.org
 * httpredir-bm-01.debian.org
 * jerea.debian.org
 * lindsay.debian.org
 * mekeel.debian.org
 * milanollo.debian.org
 * moszumanska.debian.org
 * oyens.debian.org
 * paradis.debian.org
 * pejacevic.debian.org
 * petrova.debian.org
 * philp.debian.org
 * picconi.debian.org
 * pinel.debian.org
 * pittar.debian.org
 * piu-slave-bm-a.debian.org
 * portman.debian.org
 * quantz.debian.org
 * rainier.debian.org
 * rapoport.debian.org
 * rusca.debian.org
 * senfter.debian.org
 * sor.debian.org
 * ticharich.debian.org
 * wuiet.debian.org
 * x86-bm-01.debian.org

Luca Filipozzi

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