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planned downtime at grnet


We were informed, today, that our hosting sponsor (grnet) will be relocating
our infrastructure to a new data centre.

The timeline is:

2013-11-28 07:00 UTC - DSA will halt all machines by this time
2013-11-28 08:00 UTC - GRNET will power off/ derack / move / rack
2013-11-28 11:00 UTC - GRNET will power on

Impacted machines / services are:

dn: host=rautavaara,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: rautavaara.debian.org
purpose: firewall/routing

dn: host=grieg,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: grieg.debian.org
purpose: [[buildd.debian.org]] - autobuild master

dn: host=barber,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: barber.debian.org
purpose: buildd

dn: host=biber,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: biber.debian.org
purpose: buildd

dn: host=cilea,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: cilea.debian.org
purpose: voip.debian.{net,org}

dn: host=vitry,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: vitry.debian.org
purpose: archive rebuilds

dn: host=scelsi,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: scelsi.debian.org
purpose: TBD

dn: host=orff,ou=hosts,dc=debian,dc=org
hostname: orff.debian.org
purpose: MX/smarthost
purpose: [[-dns.debian.org]]
purpose: name services



Luca Filipozzi

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