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Upgrade of cluster software Ganeti at man-da today


Ganeti 2.7 - the virtualization software we use - has been uploaded to
backports a few days ago.

I plan to update it at our man-da cluster today while being at
GanetiCon, with all the Ganeti developers around.

In theory you should see no effects as end users and there are no
downtimes planned. Those services might be effected in case of any

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+ diamond.debian.org  - a DNS Server of debian.org
+ draghi.debian.org  - db.debian.org
+ fayrfax.debian.org  - kfreebsd buildd
+ fils.debian.org - kfreebsd buildd
+ geo1.debian.org - a GeoDNS Server
+ handel.debian.org - puppetmaster.debian.org
+ kaufmann.debian.org  - keyring.debian.org
+ lully.debian.org - central logging server
+ mailly.debian.org - mailrelay
+ master.debian.org
+ vento.debian.org - vote.debian.org
+ vieuxtemps.debian.org - varnish proxy for packages.debian.org
+ wilder.debian.org - wiki.debian.org

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